As part of the Alberta Open Data Summit 2016, the Edmonton Public Library is hosting a hackathon event to provide participants with a practical outlet for the energy and ideas of the first day as well as an opportunity to build new skills in a hands-on and relaxed environment. This event is free and open to all summit registrants.

When: Saturday, October 15 from 9 am to 5pm.
Where: Makerspace, Stanley A. Milner Library, 7 Churchill Square.
Who: Open data stakeholders in Alberta: government employees, academics and science researchers, businesses, non-profits, artists, journalists, and citizens.

Space is limited to 60 participants, so please register early.
There will be a catered coffee break in the morning and afternoon. Please see suggested lunch locations in the area.

The Summit Hackathon will open with a short pitch session where participants can take the opportunity to convince others to join their project team.
Add your hackathon idea to the planning document.

One of the options will be a mini-Datathon on Crisis-211 call data from the Fort McMurray Fires being planned by Data for Good.

This is a first-ever attempt to look at data collected before, during and after the Ft. McMurray fires to more fully understand the widespread impacts. Using a data driven approach we can learn from this event and help others prepare for major crises.  Working with Crisis-211 call data from Some Other Solutions in Fort McMurray, Canadian Mental Health Edmonton, and the Calgary Distress Centre, we are looking to use analytics and visualizations to help these organizations develop insights on how the three communities were impacted as a result of one single wildfire event.

Anonymized data has been pulled from 211 calls for the three cities during a period of three months before the wildfire and three months after the wildfire. There are approximately 60 attributes including date/time, call duration, city, referrals made, demographics, and a variety of “Call Issue” classifications and a textual condition codes.  What makes this data particularly useful for the Fort McMurray wildfire crisis is that the 211 line was used heavily to log incoming calls. Additionally, the 211 service is used across the three cities in the same manner.

Be sure to register here to participate and contact opendata@epl.ca if you have any questions.


The EPL Makerspace has several resources that may be of interest to hackathon participants wishing to take their project further, such as the Oculus Rift headset, multiple Mac and PC desktops with access to a variety of specialized software including SketchUp 3D design. Find out more about the Makerspace here. While a limited number of computers will be available in the Makerspace, participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own device(s) and necessary supplies.

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All Alberta Open Data Summit events are inclusive and will respect the Code of Conduct.